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Santos is a Spanish and Portuguese surname, coming from the Latin sanctus, meaning holy. It spread all over mainland Europe and the British Isles, acquiring many different spellings in the process; it was likely used as a nickname for a pious person or perhaps mockingly to someone very unpious. Several towns in Spain and Portugal were named Santos, thus making for a locational surname. Santos family history begins with Roger le Sent, enrolled in the Chartulary of Rievaux Abbey in North Yorkshire during 1250. Santos genealogy counts among its ranks Portuguese General and former President Antonio dos Santos Ramalho Eanes and former Colombian President Eduardo Santos Montejo.

Santos Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Paul Santos-- --, 1939June 24,1999MA
Balbina Santos-- --, 1876May ,1969CA
C Remy Santos-- --, 1928February 6,2000FL
Dagmar Santos-- --, 1930October 23,2009NY

Santos Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Santos-- --, 1931January 29,2001Bridgewater,MA
Fabian Santos-- --, 1926March 1,2010Philadelphia,PA
Gabina Santos-- --, 1914May 7,1999Sterling Heights,MI
Hal Santos-- --, 1919November 23,1992Sacramento,CA

Santos Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert SantosGeeta MenonAugust 26,2000Wake, NC
Dennis SantosCarol De FontestJune 19,1961Wake, NC
Edward SantosRose LorizJuly 19,1951Wake, NC
Gaudencio SantosMagdalena HernandezOctober 5,1990Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Santos

662nd: Prince663rd: Chan
664th: Haas665th: Fitzpatrick
666th: Vaughan667th: Hendricks
668th: Wiggins669th: Dougherty
670th: Hurley671st: Noble

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