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Sauer Genealogy & History

Sauer has several meanings. One stems from the German sauer, meaning someone who was moody or morose. Another meaning is occupational, denoting someone who sows or plants. Lastly, it can be a topographical name for someone who lived by or near the Sau River. Some different spellings of the name include Sour, Sauerer, Zauer, Sawyer, and Sawier. Sauer family history tells us that Francis Sawyer was among the first to migrate and settle in Virginia in 1635. Some members of Sauer genealogy include dermatologist and physician Gordon Chenoweth Sauer; architect and design theorist Louis Edward (Lou) Sauer; and broadcaster, coach and football player John Edward (Johnny) Sauer.

Sauer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Mae Sauer-- --, 1917November 23,1996OH
Barbara Sauer-- --, 1902June ,1981NY
C Virginia Sauer-- --, 1920May 29,2000TX
Dabiel Sauer-- --, 1952June ,1980OH

Sauer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E George Sauer-- --, 1938December 15,1992Chester,IL
F Harold Sauer-- --, 1921October 7,2007Mission Viejo,CA
G Kermit Sauer-- --, 1928April 30,2010Valley City,ND
H Stanley Sauer-- --, 1932July 30,2009Scott City,KS

Sauer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew SauerMarie NadeauMarch 2,2001Williamson, TX
Benny SauerMary MiltonApril 14,2001Wise, TX
Christopher SauerJennifer MillerMay 18,2001Nueces, TX
David SauerPamela WebbOctober 22,2001Bexar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Sauer

1683rd: Waite1684th: Baron
1685th: Dowling1686th: Colbert
1687th: Keene1688th: Cutler
1689th: Culver1690th: Lind
1691st: Sylvester1692nd: Gauthier

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