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Saunders is an English surname, coming partly from the Greek Alexander and also from the town of Sanderstead in Surrey. Sanderstead was originally spelled more like Sondenstede, Old English for the house on sandy land, while Alexander means defender of men, a popular name after the Crusades, when it was brought back by men fighting as Knights of St. John. Saunders family history begins in the fourteenth century, with William Sandre acting as a witness in Kent in 1316. Saunders genealogy includes many famous people, like eighteenth century British Admiral Charles Saunders, Visa CEO Joseph Saunders, and Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Joe Saunders.

Saunders Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A E Verno Saunders-- --, 1911September 4,1991MD
B J Saunders-- --, 1918July 28,2005CT
C Calvin Saunders-- --, 1912March 26,1991PA
D Dwayne Saunders-- --, 1929November 24,2007WA

Saunders Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dale Saunders-- --, 1919October 19,1995Middlebury,VT
F Gordon Saunders-- --, 1929October 28,2006Gardner,MA
Gabriell Saunders-- --, 2003December 17,2009Capitol Heights,MD
H Arden Saunders-- --, 1912February 13,2006Lafayette,IN

Saunders Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aljerry SaundersHalonise HarrisOctober 8,1946Wake, NC
Bethel SaundersRebecca HobbsJuly 29,1964Wake, NC
Charles SaundersShirley PritchardFebruary 12,1980Wake, NC
Emanuel SaundersVictoria LigonMarch 12,1934Wake, NC

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379th: Olsen380th: Stevenson
381st: Hodges382nd: Bowers
383rd: Blake384th: Reese
385th: Wise386th: McGuire

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