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Schafer Genealogy & History

Schafer is a German name derived from early medieval Germanic Schafer, meaning shepherd. In medieval times, there were five landless occupations requiring constant relocation: shepherds, charcoal-burners, herdsmen, honey-finders, and woodcutters. Some Schafer surnames were occupational, derived from the Middle German schaffaere, meaning steward of a household. Finally, the surname could be in reference to God, as in the Lord is my Shepherd. One family crest and coat of arms have lambs signifying gentleness. Variant spellings in Schafer genealogy are Schaeffers, Scheaffer, Schefer, Shaeffer, and Shafer. Schafer family history originated in Hesse and Bayern, Germany, while the first American immigrant was Hans Georg Schafer in 1709.

Schafer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Kent Schafer-- --, 1914December ,1983MI
Babette Schafer-- --, 1898August ,1979PA
C Paul Schafer-- --, 1919March 5,1998KS
Dagmar Schafer-- --, 1912February 4,2007MN

Schafer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Schafer-- --, 1920November 9,2002Glendora,NJ
F Joseph Schafer-- --, 1917November 26,1998Louisville,KY
G Thomas Schafer-- --, 1934May 11,2009Moclips,WA
H Arthur Schafer-- --, 1920July 6,1991Eighty Four,PA

Schafer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew SchaferLauren MillerNovember 13,1999Wake, NC
Christopher SchaferTiffany BrittainJune 17,2000Bexar, TX
David SchaferRosa CicutoMay 1,2000Polk, TX
Frank SchaferAnna MickelsonJuly 15,2000Williamson, TX

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1042nd: Webber1043rd: Abrams
1044th: Rutherford1045th: Simons
1046th: Hilton1047th: Rivers
1048th: Wu1049th: Wills

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