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Scherer Genealogy & History

Scherer is an English and French occupational surname from the Old English sceran, meaning to cut or trim. It was used for sheep shearers or more likely for the textile workers who worked with the resulting cloth to make it neat and tidy. Scherer family history starts in 1231, when Robert le Sherer was noted in the Feet of Fines of Cambridgeshire. Scherer genealogy includes French General Bartholemy Scherer and actor Roy Scherer, better known as Rock Hudson.

Scherer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Scherer-- --, 1926December 13,1996NY
Barbara Scherer-- --, 1949February 10,1994NY
C Russell Scherer-- --, 1916November ,1987OH
Dale Scherer-- --, 1917March 19,1997OH

Scherer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Marie Scherer-- --, 1915June 21,2009Troy,IL
Faith Scherer-- --, 1962November 12,2004Sumner,WA
Gabriel Scherer-- --, 1903August ,1978Las Vegas,NV
Hallie Scherer-- --, 1905November 3,1996Medford,OR

Scherer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Robert SchererCorttney McclellandJune 19,1999Wake, NC
John SchererJennifer TuttleOctober 23,2004Wake, NC
Loren SchererDeborah WalkerApril 8,2001Harris, TX
Kevin SchererKimberly FellerSeptember 7,2002Gillespie, TX

Most Common Surnames After Scherer

2027th: Kinsey2028th: Clemens
2029th: Bachman2030th: Whitt
2031st: Stoddard2032nd: Lombardi
2033rd: Fuchs2034th: Goodson
2035th: Daigle2036th: Isaacs

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