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Schilling Genealogy & History

Schilling is from the 13th-century Old German word schildwin, a compound of shield and friend. Shilling was most frequently found in the lower region of Rhineland. The name arose in medieval times and was first mentioned in 1194. The family ancestral home was located in Saxony-Anhalt, Potsdam, Germany. The Schilling family made contributions to German social and economic progression. Schilling family history has Hans Adam Schilling as one of the first to migrate to America and settle in Philadelphia in 1732. Schilling genealogy includes internet investor Frank Schilling, actress Taylor Schilling, and Illinois Representative Bobby Schilling.

Schilling Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Rean Schilling-- --, 1922February 20,2009NY
B Hartley Schilling-- --, 1930February 26,2004MN
Calamae Schilling-- --, 1919February 7,2007LA
Dagmar Schilling-- --, 1888February ,1979HI

Schilling Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Schilling-- --, 1924June 17,2001Somerdale,NJ
F Paul Schilling-- --, 1919June 18,2007Pasadena,CA
Gabriella Schilling-- --, 1926June 29,2001Bellmore,NY
H Glyn Schilling-- --, 1929October 19,1996Mccomb,MS

Schilling Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur SchillingAnita RobbinsJuly 18,1970Dallas, TX
Brad SchillingStephanie FleitmanAugust 24,2002Cooke, TX
Dennis SchillingDonna OberoslerMay 5,2001Brazoria, TX
Gary SchillingBeth SheeterSeptember 23,2000Galveston, TX

Most Common Surnames After Schilling

1640th: Goins1641st: Rushing
1642nd: Major1643rd: Light
1644th: Chin1645th: Spivey
1646th: Kincaid1647th: Coe
1648th: Posey1649th: Lackey

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