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Schmitt is a German occupational surname, deriving from the Middle German smitan, meaning to smite; it was primarily found in Prussia in the first few centuries after the turn of the millennium, with other spellings dominant in western and southern Germany. It is closely related to Smith, the English version of the word. Schmitt family history journeyed to the New World when Johann Andreas Schmitt sailed to Pennsylvania in 1709. Schmitt genealogy counts among its ranks illustrious persons such as Pulitzer-winning journalist Eric Schmitt, former astronaut and New Mexico Senator Harrison Schmitt, and Olympic swimmer Allison Schmitt.

Schmitt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Barbara Schmitt-- --, 1924December 8,2008UT
B Dorothy Schmitt-- --, 1921April 18,1988IL
C H A Schmitt-- --, 1901April 29,1995NY
Dagmar Schmitt-- --, 1905April 6,1998NY

Schmitt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E W Schmitt-- --, 1914March 17,1991Sunnyvale,CA
F Carl Schmitt-- --, 1921August 1,1999Eugene,OR
Gabriel Schmitt-- --, 1894October ,1971Jackson Heights,NY
H Elaine Schmitt-- --, 1921May 23,2009Reedsport,OR

Schmitt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Francis SchmittBarbara ColemanMay 12,1990Wake, NC
Michael SchmittJennifer BoothMay 20,1995Wake, NC
Zita SchmittJoaquin RodriguezAugust 15,1982Reno, NV
Yvonne SchmittJoseph MiskechMay 11,1991Clark, NV

Most Common Surnames After Schmitt

692nd: Hardin693rd: Sellers
694th: Fry695th: Ware
696th: House697th: Durham
698th: Woodard699th: Moyer
700th: Pennington701st: Harding

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