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Schuster Genealogy & History

Schuster is a German occupational surname, with several different spellings, including Schubert and Schumacher, from the Old High German shuoch, meaning shoe. Like the other names listed above, Schuster refers to a cobbler or shoemaker, with a few different endings to the surname depending on the verb: shoe-maker, shoe-man, etc. Schuster family history enters the books in 1339, when Haunold Schuheler was noted on the tax rolls of Niedereinsiedel. Some well-known members of Schuster genealogy are Simon and Schuster co-founder M. Lincoln Schuster, former Slovakian President Rudolf Schuster, and Arnold Schuster, a businessman murdered by the Gambino family for his role in the arrest of Willy Sutton.

Schuster Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Schuster-- --, 1922May 7,2007WI
Barbara Schuster-- --, 1933October 30,2001NJ
Callie Schuster-- --, 1909March 12,1994CA
D Loren Schuster-- --, 1916August 25,1997IN

Schuster Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Schuster-- --, 1929March 30,2006Buffalo,NY
F Adela Schuster-- --, 1918February 10,2000Buffalo,NY
Gabriella Schuster-- --, 1883November ,1968Cleveland,OH
Hailey Schuster-- --, 2001April 3,2003Carlsbad,NM

Schuster Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Barry SchusterRaquel HollemanJuly 2,2001Montgomery, TX
George SchusterDonna StewartDecember 26,1974Tarrant, TX
Jeffrey SchusterCleo VaughnMarch 11,1989Wake, NC
Lawrence SchusterTeresa GarciaFebruary 14,2003Williamson, TX

Most Common Surnames After Schuster

1445th: Jeffries1446th: North
1447th: Diehl1448th: Tatum
1449th: McCracken1450th: Hadley
1451st: Spangler1452nd: Hackett
1453rd: Barnhart1454th: Rucker

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