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Schwab Genealogy & History

Schwab is a locational German name, first given to someone who lived in the medieval dukedom of Swabia in southwest Germany, now Bavaria. This region took its name from the first century BCE Germanic tribe given the Latin name Suebi or Suevi. Schwab family history was first recorded in Franconia and Mecklenburg and includes Ulrich Schwab, the first Count of Nemerow. Variations on the spelling include Schwab, Schwebel, and Swab. American Schwab genealogy began around 1700 in Pennsylvania and includes financier Charles Schwab. Unicorns on the family crest and coat of arms were symbols of grace and purity in the Middle Ages.

Schwab Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Schwab-- --, 1916June 1,2009CT
Barbara Schwab-- --, 1941November ,1992PA
C Timothy Schwab-- --, 1930April 2,2006GA
Daily Schwab-- --, 1895April 27,1988IN

Schwab Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Sara Schwab-- --, 1935June 23,2006West Coxsackie,NY
Fannie Schwab-- --, 1911December 10,2008Niles,IL
G Warren Schwab-- --, 1913July 31,1995Kennesaw,GA
Handsel Schwab-- --, 1921March ,1993Brookville,PA

Schwab Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred SchwabMadeleine RussoJanuary 14,1955Wake, NC
Brian SchwabLynne McleanOctober 15,2000Travis, TX
Carlton SchwabKierstan GordonNovember 3,2001Travis, TX
Daniel SchwabMichele StewartApril 17,1993Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Schwab

1576th: Benoit1577th: Hyatt
1578th: O'Malley1579th: Guidry
1580th: Madsen1581st: Thacker
1582nd: Sheffield1583rd: Cates
1584th: Quigley1585th: Thorne

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