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Schwarz Genealogy & History

Schwarz is a German surname dating to ancient times in Thuringia. It is a variant spelling of Schwartz, popular in America and Germany, but other variations include Swarte and de Zwart (Netherlands), Szware (Poland), and Svarc (Czechoslovakia). Derived from Low German schwarze, meaning black, it was a nickname for someone swarthy. The earliest references in Schwarz family history date to the seventh century, when two Schwarze brothers worked as missionaries in Westphalia. The family coat of arms is black with a gold rose, signifying constant joy and generosity. American Schwarz genealogy began with a Swartz Dutch baptism in 1687 in New York; this history includes string-theory physicist John Schwarz.

Schwarz Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eric Schwarz-- --, 1920April 21,2003MI
Babette Schwarz-- --, 1888July ,1975NY
C Fred Schwarz-- --, 1914October 30,2002NY
Dagmar Schwarz-- --, 1896August ,1980NV

Schwarz Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Fred Schwarz-- --, 1925March 11,1996Lafayette Hill,PA
Fannie Schwarz-- --, 1898July ,1980Oklahoma City,OK
Gabriel Schwarz-- --, 1909September 8,1994Nokomis,FL
H Robert Schwarz-- --, 1923August 21,2000Westfield,NJ

Schwarz Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andreas SchwarzDeborah HowellApril 6,1991Wake, NC
Brian SchwarzJudith BarbeeMarch 3,2000Potter, TX
Donald SchwarzPaula PerezApril 11,2001Nueces, TX
Edwin SchwarzVickie FinkJuly 15,1972Tarrant, TX

Most Common Surnames After Schwarz

1498th: Munson1499th: Tidwell
1500th: Pelletier1501st: Brand
1502nd: Clemons1503rd: Hinson
1504th: John1505th: Baer
1506th: McCormack1507th: Stanford

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