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Scruggs Genealogy & History

Scruggs is a Scottish surname, a variant on the locational Scroggs, taken from the barony of Stobo in Peeblesshire. It comes from the Scots scrag or scrog, similar to the Old English stocc meaning tree stump. It might also be a nickname, from the Middle English scrag, meaning thin or scrawny. Scruggs family history begins in 1208, when Robert de Scrugges was added to the Records of Peeblesshire. Scruggs genealogy includes bluegrass musician Earl Scruggs and Mississippi lawyer and convicted felon Richard Scruggs.

Scruggs Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Scruggs-- --, 1899September ,1975OH
Barbara Scruggs-- --, 1935December 25,1995NY
Caggie Scruggs-- --, 1883June 15,1973TN
Dahlia Scruggs-- --, 1899May 15,1973VA

Scruggs Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Juanita Scruggs-- --, 1927January 26,2006Pontiac,MI
Fannie Scruggs-- --, 1930December 7,2002New Canton,VA
G Fred Scruggs-- --, 1912July ,1980Knoxville,TN
Haden Scruggs-- --, 1921June ,1979Charlottesville,VA

Scruggs Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David ScruggsLucy LaneJune 6,1961Wake, NC
Garland ScruggsSue TillettJanuary 7,1984Wake, NC
Marcus ScruggsEvelyn BriggsAugust 24,1956Wake, NC
Russell ScruggsPeggy JonesAugust 14,1966Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Scruggs

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2139th: Early2140th: Joiner
2141st: Kilpatrick2142nd: Whipple
2143rd: Houck2144th: Herrick
2145th: Cooney2146th: Mora

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