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Severson Genealogy & History

Severson is a patronymic English surname from the Old English women�s given name Saefaru, with the elements sae, meaning sea, and faru, for passage. It may also come from the nickname of severe, which was given to people who were particularly stern or unforgiving. Severson family history began to be recorded in 1185, when William Seare was registered in the Pipe Rolls of Cornwall. Severson genealogy includes some interesting people, such as Air Force General Richard Severson and award-winning composer Paul Severson.

Severson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abner Severson-- --, 1907January ,1976WI
Barbara Severson-- --, 1947March 12,2005WI
Calvin Severson-- --, 1935October ,1977SD
Dagney Severson-- --, 1888January ,1978IL

Severson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bruce Severson-- --, 1913September 4,1996Medford,OR
F Mary Severson-- --, 1931July ,1986Saint Paul,MN
Gabriella Severson-- --, 1912August 20,2005Sun City,CA
Haakon Severson-- --, 1884December ,1972Pelican Rapids,MN

Severson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ronald SeversonKaren HunterJune 26,1965Wake, NC
Scott SeversonBarbara EvansAugust 4,1984Collin, TX
Kim SeversonLinda SheehanJanuary 8,1983El Paso, TX
Nicky SeversonWanda SowdersAugust 14,1982Falls, TX

Most Common Surnames After Severson

2425th: Gann2426th: McNair
2427th: Bolin2428th: Martino
2429th: Bull2430th: Estep
2431st: Levesque2432nd: Loyd
2433rd: Reiter2434th: Jacques

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