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Shafer Genealogy & History

Cash is an English-Irish-Scottish surname with two suggested derivations, both related to the original spelling of Case/Casse, and unrelated to money. One derivation is from the Old French casse (meaning case), an occupational name for a maker of chests. Alternatively, the name could be metonymic as son of the Cassandra (meaning snarer of men), a Greek given name popularized during the Crusades due to the Trojan prophetess classical legend. Cash family history dates to feudal days in Cambridgeshire, where they held a family seat. American Cash genealogy dates from 1667 when William Cash settled in Salem, Massachusetts. The most illustrious Cash is the country singer Johnny Cash.

Shafer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Shafer-- --, 1891March ,1983SD
Bane Shafer-- --, 1900November ,1990VA
Callie Shafer-- --, 1895July ,1972WV
D Elizabet Shafer-- --, 1924January 4,2006AL

Shafer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Joan Shafer-- --, 1917June 19,2003Saint Paul,MN
Fairy Shafer-- --, 1899August ,1972Big Spring,TX
G Donald Shafer-- --, 1919August 27,2004Jefferson,MD
H Elizabet Shafer-- --, 1921January 31,2004Twin Falls,ID

Shafer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen ShaferCathy BrammerOctober 31,2001Jefferson, TX
David ShaferKellina HarrisMarch 17,2001Tarrant, TX
Edward ShaferCarolyn SmithOctober 5,2002Bell, TX
Wilson ShaferElizabeth BeardsworthOctober 27,1934Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Shafer

1030th: Downey1031st: Gleason
1032nd: Thomson1033rd: Cassidy
1034th: Cash1035th: Hopper
1036th: Dempsey1037th: Dominguez
1038th: Locke1039th: Schafer

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