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Shea Genealogy & History

Shea is an Irish surname, from the Gaelic O'Seaghdha, often shortened to O'Se. It comes from the Old Gaelic seaghdha, literally meaning hawk-like but also used more figuratively to connote nobility and stately grace. The clan was centered in County Kerry, and Shea family history began in the New World with the journey of Jone and Nicholas Shea to Maryland in 1678. Shea genealogy lays claim to a fair few well-known people, such as Olympic skater Jack Shea, Shea Stadium namesake William Shea, Texas Congressman Gwyn Shea, and New York Yankees and Washington Senators pitcher Francis "Spec" Shea.

Shea Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Bernard Shea-- --, 1909June 23,1990NY
B Michael Shea-- --, 1917July ,1986OH
C Lorraine Shea-- --, 1923August 29,2000IL
Daaiel Shea-- --, 1957October ,1976MA

Shea Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jeffrey Shea-- --, 1921December 28,1999Anaheim,CA
F Elizabet Shea-- --, 1918April 3,2007South Bend,IN
G Irene Shea-- --, 1908December 26,1994Palos Verdes Peninsula,CA
H Patricia Shea-- --, 1919October 23,2006Quincy,MA

Shea Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brendan SheaCeleste SimmonsJuly 26,2008Wake, NC
Gregory SheaKatrina StricklandJune 12,1998Wake, NC
Wilfred SheaMyrtle ElliottMarch 17,1954Wake, NC
Thomas SheaMarjorie OsgoodJune 3,1965Wake, NC

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712th: Munoz713th: Landry
714th: Blackburn715th: McCall
716th: Novak717th: Salazar
718th: Hickman719th: Dunlap
720th: Pace721st: Shapiro

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