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Shearer Genealogy & History

Shearer, an English and Scottish occupational name also found in Germany, is derived from Old English sceran and Middle English schere, meaning shears or scissors, referring to someone who sheared sheep or cut fabric. Common variations found in Shearer genealogy include Schearer, Scherrer, Sharer, Sheerer, Sherar, Shirer, and Szerer. Some of the earliest members in Shearer family history are found in feudal times in Berwickshire in the Scottish borderlands, Baden in Germany, and Hampshire in England. The Shearer coat of arms contains two reaping hooks and a castle, signifying wealth and crop-cutting. American Shearer genealogy dates to 1720 in New England.

Shearer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Shearer-- --, 1897August ,1971PA
Barbara Shearer-- --, 1919December 4,2000NY
C Harold Shearer-- --, 1911May 25,1998IA
Dahl Shearer-- --, 1885October ,1974MI

Shearer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Leighton Shearer-- --, 1930July 2,1996Hattiesburg,MS
F Evelyn Shearer-- --, 1907October ,1981Oradell,NJ
Gail Shearer-- --, 1900May 7,1993Fayetteville,PA
H James Shearer-- --, 1912June 22,2001Mountville,PA

Shearer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher ShearerKerry FlaniganApril 7,2001Wake, NC
David ShearerAngela DyerJuly 14,2001Gregg, TX
George ShearerShawnda LavohnSeptember 9,2000Henderson, TX
John ShearerCarol WoodDecember 4,1971Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Shearer

1553rd: Holliday1554th: Cavanaugh
1555th: Weller1556th: Rock
1557th: Ng1558th: Thayer
1559th: Aldrich1560th: Maguire
1561st: Burrell1562nd: Roche

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