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Sheldon Genealogy & History

Sheldon is an English locational surname with three major origins for those places, all from Old English. The first comes from Schele, meaning a hut or shed, and heth-dun, a hill covered with heather. Next, there's Scylf, for a shelf or slope, and denu, which means valley, so a steeply-sloped valley. Last, there's Sculf, meaning a plateau, and dun, for hill, so a hill with a flat top. Sheldon family history begins with Francis Sheldon, added to the Oxford University Register in 1584. Sheldon genealogy boasts of several noteworthy people, like South Dakota Governor Charles Sheldon, Ann Arbor mayor Ingrid Sheldon, and Academy Award-winner Sidney Sheldon.

Sheldon Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Elizabet Sheldon-- --, 1918February ,1980FL
Barbara Sheldon-- --, 1917April 19,2004MA
C Arlene Sheldon-- --, 1915October 30,1993OR
Daisy Sheldon-- --, 1880May ,1967MA

Sheldon Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Belle Sheldon-- --, 1915December 19,2007Dearborn Heights,MI
Faith Sheldon-- --, 1995January 19,1996Crandon,WI
G Edward Sheldon-- --, 1937March 20,1993Morrisville,VT
H Austin Sheldon-- --, 1914May 25,1989West Babylon,NY

Sheldon Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert SheldonMarion DunstonDecember 1,1953Wake, NC
David SheldonJodi LeoneOctober 28,2000Wake, NC
Gary SheldonJanet Pena BernalJune 13,2003Wake, NC
Robert SheldonEdith GrissomApril 16,1949Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Sheldon

1368th: Cummins1369th: Waddell
1370th: Bassett1371st: Christiansen
1372nd: Burks1373rd: Keenan
1374th: Edmonds1375th: Sheets
1376th: Biggs1377th: Kraus

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