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Shoemaker Genealogy & History

Shoemaker genealogy is typically German, specifically originating in Bavaria. It was quite obviously an occupational surname for a maker of shoes. Spelling variations include Schumaker, Schoemaker, and Schumacher. The family may also mix with several names that mean the same thing, such as Shuh, Shoo, Schuhman, and Schumann. Notable members of Shoemaker family history include famous astronomer Carolyn S. Shoemaker (who holds the record for most comets discovered) and her husband Eugene M. Shoemaker, horse racing jockey Bill Shoemaker, and American actress Ann Shoemaker. Shoemakers settled in the United States as early as the late seventeenth century in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Shoemaker Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Whitney Shoemaker-- --, 1920July 29,2003NJ
B Dawson Shoemaker-- --, 1932July 18,2009RI
C Eileen Shoemaker-- --, 1923March 28,2003OH
D Wayne Shoemaker-- --, 1927June 11,1995NY

Shoemaker Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Doris Shoemaker-- --, 1924December 23,1990Wilmington,DE
F Lee Shoemaker-- --, 1923October 16,1994Lock Haven,PA
Gabriel Shoemaker-- --, 1909June ,1979New Orleans,LA
H Charles Shoemaker-- --, 1922December 25,1999Silver Springs,NV

Shoemaker Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Jon ShoemakerRobyn HobbsOctober 16,1999Wake, NC
William ShoemakerMarilyn StilesSeptember 13,2003Williamson, TX
Ivan ShoemakerBobbie GreenJuly 30,2005HARDIN, OH
Orville ShoemakerMary WillisJune 21,1974Liberty, TX

Most Common Surnames After Shoemaker

884th: Bray885th: Goff
886th: Delaney887th: Welsh
888th: Moses889th: Sears
890th: Emerson891st: Galloway
892nd: Petty893rd: Camp

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