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Silverman Genealogy & History

The origins of the Silverman name are hazy. It may be a name given to a silversmith, to one who had a lot of wealth, or to one who lived by a river where the water had a silvery appearance. Variants include Silber, Silbermann, Silver, Silvers, Silverman, Silvermann, Zylberman, Zylberdik, and Silversmid, and many more. Silverman family history records show that the derivation is from the Anglo-Saxon word seolfar (silver). Radolfus Silberer was documented in Oberschwaben, Germany, in 1249, and Thomas Silver settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1637. Prominent names in the Silverman genealogy include Rabbi Joseph Silverman and game programmer Ken Silverman.

Silverman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Julius Silverman-- --, 1915October ,1980LA
Babette Silverman-- --, 1884July ,1971PA
C Richard Silverman-- --, 1924January ,1993PA
Dalma Silverman-- --, 1900December ,1977MA

Silverman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ed Silverman-- --, 1905February ,1979Zephyrhills,FL
Fae Silverman-- --, 1907November 5,2003Ballwin,MO
Gabriel Silverman-- --, 1903March 8,2004Tuckahoe,NY
Hana Silverman-- --, 1910May 12,2003Richmond,VA

Silverman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew SilvermanAmy LuehrsMarch 25,2006Wake, NC
Christopher SilvermanSandy BoyetteFebruary 25,2000Wake, NC
Donald SilvermanSandra HermalinDecember 18,1954Wake, NC
Eric SilvermanMikki KirbyJuly 9,2006Collin, TX

Most Common Surnames After Silverman

1242nd: Mobley1243rd: Tyson
1244th: Dunbar1245th: Maurer
1246th: Slaughter1247th: Jorgensen
1248th: Jamison1249th: Molina
1250th: Clifford1251st: Stroud

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