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Simons Genealogy & History

Simons, a patronymic English name also found in France, Italy, Northern Germany, and Holland, was originally bestowed on the son of Simon. Simons family history dates to feudal times in Devonshire and Cornwall where they held a family seat. The derivation of Simons is from the Hebrew given name Shimeon, which means to hearken. The given name Simon became popular in England after the Crusades, primarily a result of the Apostle Simon Peter. Spelling variations include Fitzsimmons, Simins, Simmonds, Simondson, Symmons, and Symones. American Simons genealogy began 14 years before the Mayflower pilgrims, when Robert and William Simons immigrated to Virginia in 1604.

Simons Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Russell Simons-- --, 1928April 13,2004WA
Babette Simons-- --, 1908September ,1974FL
C Dewey Simons-- --, 1898May ,1993PA
Daisy Simons-- --, 1905August 29,1993NY

Simons Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E James Simons-- --, 1925February 15,2003Saint Cloud,FL
Faith Simons-- --, 1922January ,1981North Hollywood,CA
G Warren Simons-- --, 1921April 29,1992New Port Richey,FL
Hadley Simons-- --, 1915April ,1984Monterey,MA

Simons Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David SimonsCarolyn WildeNovember 26,1988Wake, NC
Earl SimonsElla EngleNovember 9,1956Wake, NC
Freddie SimonsBarbara AllenSeptember 21,1970Wake, NC
Gary SimonsMinnie DanielJune 13,1936Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Simons

1046th: Hilton1047th: Rivers
1048th: Wu1049th: Wills
1050th: Emery1051st: Branch
1052nd: Wolff1053rd: Arthur
1054th: Hagen1055th: Head

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