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Simpson genealogy is Anglo-Scottish. The first written instance of the name is in Staffordshire in the middle of the fourteenth century. It is likely a patronymic of the given name Simme, which may be a variant of the Greek Simon. It may also be that Simme was an alternate version of the Old English name Sigmund. There are even claims that it is a locational name from two places in England called Simpson. Alternate spellings include Symson and Simson. Simpson family history includes American race car driver and owner Bill Simpson, English composer Robert Simpson, and American pop culture icons Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

Simpson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eileen Simpson-- --, 1930October 14,2006IN
B Charles Simpson-- --, 1945January 23,2004NC
C Edgar Simpson-- --, 1924November 22,1999IL
D Deith Simpson-- --, 1919September 11,1993CO

Simpson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Barbara Simpson-- --, 1923January 11,2005Wells,ME
F Beatrice Simpson-- --, 1930May 8,1999Blanchard,MI
G David Simpson-- --, 1938January 5,1998Rochester,NY
H Dorothy Simpson-- --, 1910November 4,1995Salt Lake City,UT

Simpson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Clarence SimpsonAlice HerringMarch 1,1944Wake, NC
Daniel SimpsonPatti FunkhouserAugust 24,1969Wake, NC
Frank SimpsonShirley HollingsworthMay 2,1942Wake, NC
Howard SimpsonCora BobbittMay 16,1934Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Simpson

136th: Rice137th: Mason
138th: Johnston139th: Robertson
140th: Carlson141st: Henry
142nd: Larson143rd: Black
144th: Nichols145th: Woods

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