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Singer genealogy is British; the name is first found in written records in Devon. It is an occupational surname from the Anglo-Saxon "singaere", meaning a musician. Medieval singers (also known as "bards") were highly respected and important public entertainers and even provided news and gossip to isolated communities through their songs. Alternate spellings include Singers and Singar. Singer family history includes movie director Bryan Singer, modern sewing machine inventor Isaac Singer, author Isaac Bashevis Singer, and controversial modern philosopher Peter Singer. Singers settled early in the United States in Virginia in the seventeenth century and Pennsylvania in the eighteenth.

Singer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A David Singer-- --, 1919March ,1985DC
Bacia Singer-- --, 1920December 25,2009NY
Calvin Singer-- --, 1924March 28,2006NY
Daisy Singer-- --, 1905April 17,2007NY

Singer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Singer-- --, 1922November 8,2001Cambria Heights,NY
Fae Singer-- --, 1925October 21,2000Miami Beach,FL
Gabe Singer-- --, 1900October ,1970Tallahassee,FL
H Leonard Singer-- --, 1920July ,1987Hollywood,FL

Singer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Russell SingerDonna MyersSeptember 7,1968Wake, NC
Michael SingerMichele MossDecember 9,1984Wake, NC
Paul SingerKaci SohrtJanuary 17,2006Travis, TX
Zachary SingerAshley FaulknerDecember 9,2006FRANKLIN, OH

Most Common Surnames After Singer

864th: Springer865th: Costello
866th: Kinney867th: Newell
868th: Moser869th: Hester
870th: Maddox871st: Rubin
872nd: Lindsay873rd: Hendrickson

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