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Skelton Genealogy & History

Skelton is from the pre-seventh-century Old English word scylf (a dry area of land surrounded by marshes and/or water) plus tun (a village or enclosed area). Consequently, this is a locational name for someone who is part of a settlement in a dry spot in the marsh or fens. Skelton family history has the first known record spelling of the name as Hamo de Skelton in the Early Yorkshire Charter Lists in 1160. Some members of the Skelton genealogy include polar explorer Reginald William Skelton; cartographer Raleigh Ashlin Skelton; land speed record holder and aviator Betty Skelton Frankman; and comedian Red Skelton.

Skelton Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Skelton-- --, 1882November ,1977GA
Bailey Skelton-- --, 1881January 15,1967AL
Caleb Skelton-- --, 1891February ,1968OH
Dailey Skelton-- --, 1903July ,1971IL

Skelton Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Skelton-- --, 1906June ,1980Fort Lauderdale,FL
Fairy Skelton-- --, 1922August 13,1999Beaver,WV
G Kathleen Skelton-- --, 1919September 21,2009Churchville,NY
Hale Skelton-- --, 1929December 22,2006Rogersville,TN

Skelton Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Gary SkeltonIsolde RorieJuly 2,2001Bell, TX
Louis SkeltonAngela SmithMay 26,1973Wake, NC
William SkeltonGermaine RomanowskiMarch 30,1996Wake, NC
Michael SkeltonAngela BarberDecember 7,2001Parker, TX

Most Common Surnames After Skelton

1889th: Arndt1890th: Blackmon
1891st: Fournier1892nd: Rocha
1893rd: Napier1894th: Reardon
1895th: Tierney1896th: Queen
1897th: Mulligan1898th: Salas

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