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Slack Genealogy & History

Slack is a surname of English derivation that has a few possible derivations. The first possibility is a locational name from the village of Slak in Yorkshire, from the Middle English slagg via the Norwegian slakki, meaning a location where the incline of a road becomes more gradual. The second possibility is the Old English slaec, meaning lazy or careless and probably given to a person who exhibited this personality trait. The coat of arms in Slack genealogy shows thee blue stars on diagonal silver band on red field. Variations listed in the Slack family history include Slacke, Slak, and Slag.

Slack Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jackson Slack-- --, 1917October ,1983NJ
Barbara Slack-- --, 1932September ,1986NY
C Kenneth Slack-- --, 1917December 4,1999PA
Daisy Slack-- --, 1914April ,1980MA

Slack Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Beverly Slack-- --, 1918December 2,2008Waterbury,CT
F Elizabet Slack-- --, 1923January 3,1999Doylestown,PA
G Frederic Slack-- --, 1918January 14,1989Hialeah,FL
Halley Slack-- --, 1920February 28,1988Bethel,VT

Slack Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy SlackMary SlackJune 26,1948Wake, NC
George SlackE ForbesJuly 7,1951Wake, NC
Lenton SlackSue RasberrySeptember 11,1971Wake, NC
Paul SlackAngela GrieserJanuary 7,2006Waller, TX

Most Common Surnames After Slack

2200th: Epps2201st: Ferrara
2202nd: Kang2203rd: Scanlon
2204th: Chester2205th: Adcock
2206th: Julian2207th: Nadeau
2208th: Girard2209th: Matson

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