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Sorensen is primarily a Scandinavian name, meaning son of Soren. Soren, the Danish variation of Severin, was derived from the Latin "severus", meaning serious. Alternatively, it might be a variation of "Thor", referring to Old Norse Thor, the god of thunder. Many medieval (4th-7th centuries) Christian saints were named Severin, including Severin of Cologne, Severinus of Noricum, Severinus of Septempeda, and Pope Severinus, and Sorensen genealogy includes branches in Germany (first in Brunswick) as well as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The numerous spelling variations include Sauernson, Saurson, Sernson, Seurenson, Sornson, Sorsen, and Sursen. Sorensen family history includes Danish chemist Soren Sorensen, the "pioneer of Ph" a century ago.

Sorensen Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Pauleen Sorensen-- --, 1919February 19,2009MO
Barbara Sorensen-- --, 1937December 26,2001CT
C Paul Sorensen-- --, 1916April 30,1996MI
Dagmar Sorensen-- --, 1907May 26,1997NY

Sorensen Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alice Sorensen-- --, 1917February 15,1999Covina,CA
Francis Sorensen-- --, 1929February 24,2010Kingman,AZ
G Alan Sorensen-- --, 1931December 25,2002San Anselmo,CA
H Ervin Sorensen-- --, 1914October 11,2008Grand Island,NE

Sorensen Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benjamin SorensenJessica SperanzaOctober 22,2005Wake, NC
Michael SorensenPhyllis GoodwinMay 14,1972Wake, NC
Kirk SorensenJamie BoykinJune 15,2002Wake, NC
Wayne SorensenJoyce TwaddleApril 6,1991Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Sorensen

956th: Connor957th: Finch
958th: Meier959th: Bright
960th: Li961st: Ortega
962nd: Law963rd: Ritchie
964th: Craft965th: Padilla

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