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Sorenson Genealogy & History

Sorenson means son of Soren in Old Danish and finds its origin in Scandinavia. The first instance of Sorenson family history described its members as combatants in Brunswick tribal conflicts. Variations of the surname include Sorsen, Sorson, and Seurenson. The first settler of Sorenson genealogy, Elios Sorenson, arrived in the United States in 1869. Notable members of the Sorenson family include American race car driver Reed Sorenson, Congressional Medal of Honor awardee Private Richard Keith Sorenson, Planet Illogica CEO and co-founder Tonny Sorenson, and S. P. L. Sorenson, who introduced the concept of pH. The Sorenson coat of arms depicts a rearing stag.

Sorenson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Sorenson-- --, 1917May ,1973IL
Barbara Sorenson-- --, 1897June ,1986WI
C Hazel Sorenson-- --, 1916November 7,2006CA
D Fay Sorenson-- --, 1919August 15,2000CA

Sorenson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Sorenson-- --, 1897August ,1987Eau Claire,WI
Fannie Sorenson-- --, 1895September 30,1994Taylor,TX
Gail Sorenson-- --, 1919September 5,2002La Quinta,CA
H Llorrain Sorenson-- --, 1923July 1,2005Buffalo,MN

Sorenson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur SorensonAna JimenezApril 4,2002Travis, TX
Bobby SorensonJennifer MurphreeMay 11,2002Mclennan, TX
Clyde SorensonMargaret LuskySeptember 12,1987Wake, NC
Daniel SorensonPamela ReanierJuly 14,2000Jasper, TX

Most Common Surnames After Sorenson

1606th: McNeill1607th: Hilliard
1608th: Calvert1609th: Adair
1610th: Kowalski1611th: Solis
1612th: Oakes1613th: Hauser
1614th: McGovern1615th: Judd

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