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Soto Genealogy & History

Soto is a Spanish locational name for someone living near a grove. The Spanish word "soto" is derived from the Latin word "saltus" meaning pasture land containing a woods. Variations of the name in Soto genealogy include de la Sota, de Sotelo, de Soto, Desoto, Sota, Sotera, and Sotillo. Soto family history dates back to the Castile area in north central Spain, with many famous explorers to the New World (Antonio in 1513, Hernando in in 1514 who sailed with Pizarro, Sebastian in 1515, Pedro in 1534 and Diego de Soto in 1538 to Florida) as well as two presidents (Marco Soto of Honduras and Pedro Soto of Bolivia).

Soto Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abadesa Soto-- --, 1919February 10,1999NY
Bacillio Soto-- --, 1953January 13,2002TX
Caciano Soto-- --, 1891October ,1978TX
David Soto-- --, 1957September 4,1991NY

Soto Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie Soto-- --, 1965February 4,1996San Antonio,TX
Fabian Soto-- --, 1910November 12,1989Stockdale,TX
Gabino Soto-- --, 1910June ,1983Seagraves,TX
Harold Soto-- --, 1944August ,1987San Juan,PR

Soto Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles SotoPhyllis ChinnockJanuary 3,1948Wake, NC
Reynaldo SotoMaria LopezSeptember 1,2000Wake, NC
Orlando SotoTiffany MoranAugust 25,2001Wake, NC
William SotoKatherine CorreaApril 18,1968Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Soto

858th: Guthrie859th: Feldman
860th: Dorsey861st: Cramer
862nd: McCabe863rd: Singer
864th: Springer865th: Costello
866th: Kinney867th: Newell

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