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Spangler Genealogy & History

Spangler is a German occupational surname, coming from the area of Bayern, now the state of Bavaria. It comes from the High German spange, meaning a metal clasp or buckle, and denoted a metalworker or craftsman. When used as a surname, spange was often accompanied by a suffix denoting agent, like macher or mann. Spangler family history starts with Michael Spangler, who sailed to Philadelphia in 1737. Spangler genealogy boasts of several notable members, such as alleged Lincoln assassination conspirator Edmund Spangler; 19th-century Pennsylvania Surveyor General and militia general Jacob Spangler; and Emmy-winning author, science teacher, and public speaker Steve Spangler.

Spangler Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Neal Spangler-- --, 1922June ,1981NC
B Bernice Spangler-- --, 1928January 8,1996OR
C Dale Spangler-- --, 1919February 7,2003IL
D True Spangler-- --, 1925November 1,1991PA

Spangler Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Charles Spangler-- --, 1918July 27,1991Summerville,SC
Faith Spangler-- --, 1912July 15,1999Cape Coral,FL
G Edwin Spangler-- --, 1923September 21,2003The Dalles,OR
H Dale Spangler-- --, 1916August 18,2000New Castle,IN

Spangler Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benjamin SpanglerLindsey LongMay 10,2008Wake, NC
Carl SpanglerGayle DunnJune 28,1964Wake, NC
David SpanglerJudy RichardsMay 10,2000Harris, TX
Eddie SpanglerBetty SnavelySeptember 26,1969Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Spangler

1452nd: Hackett1453rd: Barnhart
1454th: Rucker1455th: Ervin
1456th: Carrillo1457th: Gee
1458th: Rainey1459th: Kilgore
1460th: Read1461st: Mayes

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