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Spears is a Scottish surname, originating in feudal times in Renfrewshire where there was a Spears family seat. Derived from Olde English "spere", which means spear, the name could be occupational or descriptive: it could have been the name for a hunter or maker of spears, or it could have referred to a tall, skinny person. In Spears genealogy, name variations include Speer, Speir, Spere, Spier, Spire, Speery, Speyer and the patronymic "s" endings meaning "son of." American Spears family history began in Virginia in 1653. The Spears family motto is "advance", and not surprisingly, the crest and coat of arms contain spears, symbolizing knightly service.

Spears Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Barry Spears-- --, 1927June 17,1996MO
B Juanita Spears-- --, 1924February 18,2006MS
Cora Spears-- --, 1941October 21,1997LA
Daisy Spears-- --, 1928May ,1995CT

Spears Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eardis Spears-- --, 1939November 9,1998Milwaukee,WI
Fair Spears-- --, 1916August ,1986Dallas,TX
Gable Spears-- --, 1935January 28,2005Houston,TX
Hailie Spears-- --, 1937September 27,2000Las Vegas,NV

Spears Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alexander SpearsNikita BoydJune 9,2007Wake, NC
Bryan SpearsBetty ZelnoApril 11,1987Wake, NC
Carl SpearsAnnie AllenMarch 9,1946Wake, NC
Donnie SpearsStephanie ThompsonFebruary 11,1989Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Spears

826th: Snider827th: Donahue
828th: Holden829th: Pearce
830th: Valentine831st: Bernard
832nd: Crowley833rd: Gorman
834th: Ewing835th: Kessler

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