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Speer Genealogy & History

Speer is a descriptive or occupational name for someone who made or used spears or was tall and thin or spear shaped. The family motto is advance and the crest is a three-headed thistle with green leaves and red flower on a silver shield. Speer family history tells us that Walter Speare is the first known spelling of the name in 1185 in the Pipe Rolls of Somerset, England. Two members of the Speer genealogy are photographer Margret Speer Nissen and judge, science fiction fan, and historian John (Jack) Bristol Speer.

Speer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Burns Speer-- --, 1914February 10,1998PA
Barbara Speer-- --, 1934January 29,2008CT
C Mckee Speer-- --, 1914December ,1981PA
D Allene Speer-- --, 1919September 1,2002MO

Speer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dwight Speer-- --, 1919December 2,1989Lima,IL
F Almeda Speer-- --, 1922September 30,1989Wood River,IL
G Louise Speer-- --, 1912December 14,2000Arlington,TX
H Elizabet Speer-- --, 1913September ,1998Urbana,IL

Speer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bill SpeerMarjorie MorrisAugust 4,1988Wake, NC
Danny SpeerPayao SmithMarch 14,2007Wake, NC
Larry SpeerJulie StallingsOctober 25,1975Wake, NC
Howard SpeerGretchen DeichmannSeptember 26,1980Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Speer

2259th: Ralston2260th: Kitchen
2261st: Trout2262nd: Waterman
2263rd: Rockwell2264th: Reinhardt
2265th: Marion2266th: Salisbury
2267th: Han2268th: Frantz

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