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Spivey Genealogy & History

Spivey is an Old English name stemming from the medieval nickname for a bright person who was a good businessman. Some spellings of the name include Spurway, Spurrvey, Spurrier, and Spurvey. The family crest is a sheaf of golden wheat. Spivey family history has the first recording of the name as Robert Spivie who was christened at Almondbury Parish Church in Yorkshire, England, in 1565. Some members of Spivey genealogy include psychic, spiritual healer and teacher Gary Spivey; middle distance runner and Olympian athlete James (Jim) Calvin Spivey; and professor of classical art and archaeology at the University of Cambridge Nigel Spivey.

Spivey Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Spivey-- --, 1888July ,1966NC
Bailey Spivey-- --, 1915May 1,2007TX
Cal Spivey-- --, 1909August 16,1994MS
Dahlia Spivey-- --, 1919March 19,2007MN

Spivey Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eara Spivey-- --, 1909May ,1994Chicago,IL
Fain Spivey-- --, 1910November ,1977Los Angeles,CA
Gadie Spivey-- --, 1929November 6,1992Graham,TX
Hal Spivey-- --, 1926March 26,1994Dublin,GA

Spivey Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen SpiveyAlvira WaltonMay 13,1933Wake, NC
Bruce SpiveyAlice RichardsonApril 26,1932Wake, NC
Charles SpiveyLois StallingsNovember 14,1953Wake, NC
Dan SpiveyVera GoolsbyOctober 26,1974Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Spivey

1646th: Kincaid1647th: Coe
1648th: Posey1649th: Lackey
1650th: Cardenas1651st: Dobbs
1652nd: Kohler1653rd: Samuels
1654th: Timmons1655th: Eastman

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