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St. Clair Genealogy & History

St. Clair stems from the locational French from any of the places that had it in its name, such as Saint-Clair-sur-Elle. The family crest is the head of a stag and the coat of arms is three red chevrons that are equidistant from each other on a gold shield. St. Clair family history has the first known recording of the name as that of Hubertus de Sancto Claro in the Somerset Domesday Book in 1086. Some members of St. Clair genealogy are alleged sixth Priory of Sion Grand Master Jean de Saint-Clair and composer and pianist Richard St. Clair.

Most Common Surnames After St. Clair

2049th: Higginbotham2050th: Anders
2051st: McClelland2052nd: McNeal
2053rd: Whitten2054th: Eason
2055th: Van Horn2056th: Squires
2057th: Garber2058th: Nunn

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