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Stack is mainly an English or Irish name. It was originally derived from the Middle English word stack, which means haystack. Its actual origins are controversial: it could have arisen as a nickname for a well-built man, later becoming a surname, or it could have started as an occupational name given to an agricultural contractor who built haystacks. It could also be an Americanization of the Polish/Czech Stach or the German Staack. Stack family history is first recorded with one Robert Stac (alternate spelling), who lived in Berkshire in 1199. Stack genealogy includes the prolific actor and television host Robert Stack.

Stack Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Parker Stack-- --, 1921October 15,1996CA
Babette Stack-- --, 1929December 2,1999PA
Calvin Stack-- --, 1919January 20,1988NC
Dail Stack-- --, 1913October 1,1993OK

Stack Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Stack-- --, 1916August ,1982Attica,NY
Fabie Stack-- --, 1884March ,1969Danville,IL
Gail Stack-- --, 1942October 15,1996Wappapello,MO
Hal Stack-- --, 1927June 15,2007San Marcos,CA

Stack Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Chad StackJana SummersJune 15,2002Tarrant, TX
Douglas StackAgnes BrockAugust 6,1966Wake, NC
Ervin StackMary MooreOctober 29,1938Wake, NC
Vernon StackRoberta RogersJanuary 7,1950Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Stack

2320th: Keener2321st: Byrnes
2322nd: Scarborough2323rd: Moe
2324th: Vann2325th: Cornwell
2326th: Starks2327th: Zeigler
2328th: Mullin2329th: Rupp

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