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Staley Genealogy & History

Staley is a locational name that stems from the pre-seventh-century Old English word staef plus leah, meaning a piece of wood and open place in the forest. The family domicile has been in Cheshire since early times. Some different spellings of the name are Staveleigh, Stauleyg, Stawei, Staveley, and Stayley. Staley family history gives Robert de Staley in the Records of East Cheshire, England, as the first known recording of the name in 1389. Staley genealogy includes the first Anglican Bishop of Hawaii, Thomas Nettleship Staley; Olympic basketball player and coach Dawn Staley; and musician Layne Thomas Staley.

Staley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Staley-- --, 1929June 17,2003MD
Bailey Staley-- --, 1911April ,1987OK
C Edith Staley-- --, 1917September 8,2006IA
Daisy Staley-- --, 1903April ,1974NC

Staley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Leon Staley-- --, 1922August 14,2003Sun City West,AZ
Fairy Staley-- --, 1906March ,1972Clarksburg,WV
G Lamar Staley-- --, 1927June 27,1988Salt Lake City,UT
H Maureen Staley-- --, 1919July 24,2007Franklin,WI

Staley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dileonne StaleyMarlyn ButlerJuly 10,2000Wake, NC
Gregory StaleySusan ByarsApril 24,2004Hunt, TX
John StaleyElizabeth ArringtonOctober 5,1985Wake, NC
Lee StaleyAnn BellamyJuly 31,2004Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Staley

1659th: Crump1660th: Langston
1661st: Fontenot1662nd: Schaeffer
1663rd: Melvin1664th: Brantley
1665th: Steward1666th: Bain
1667th: Mott1668th: Jansen

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