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Stein Genealogy & History

Stein is English, Scottish, Dutch and German. Derived from Old Norse "sten/steinn" and Old High German "stein", both of which refer to a stone. Stein could also be a pet name for Steven. Stein genealogy includes a wide variety of spellings: Staines, Steen, Steenes, Steiyn, Sten, Steyne, Stine, van Steen, and van der Steen. Found first in Holland, the Stein family history began in Norfolk in England, in Fife, Ayrshire, and Roxburghshire in Scotland, and in New Netherlands in America, but is now widespread. The Stein coat of arms is gold with a red rose and a red eight-pointed star, signifying generosity, hope and redemption.

Stein Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Bernard Stein-- --, 1926August ,1987IL
Babbette Stein-- --, 1897April ,1967PA
Cabot Stein-- --, 1920January 24,1997IL
Dagmar Stein-- --, 1932September 17,2003PA

Stein Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E P Bruce Stein-- --, 1918June ,1987Boca Raton,FL
Fae Stein-- --, 1912September 14,1998Cherry Hill,NJ
G Markle Stein-- --, 1933August 22,2003Brockport,NY
H Alan Stein-- --, 1927September 11,1990Montclair,NJ

Stein Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David SteinPhyllis PaceMay 21,1988Wake, NC
Sheldon SteinRochelle ParkerAugust 21,1958Wake, NC
Jared SteinLaura ButlerMarch 3,1995Wake, NC
Martin SteinTraci HendersonAugust 30,1997Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Stein

455th: Brock456th: Foley
457th: Ballard458th: Shepherd
459th: Farrell460th: Morrow
461st: Sweeney462nd: MacDonald
463rd: Nicholson464th: Briggs

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