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Stern Genealogy & History

Stern is a German and English name. The medieval English name, derived from the Old English "styrene" meaning strict, described someone whose job included discipline: a schoolmaster or court official. The Stern family history in England includes a lordship of the feudal Grendon manor in Buckinghamshire. The German name was locational, derived from Middle High German "Stern", meaning star, indicating a residence at a home identified with a star; prior to numbers, homes were identified by symbols, and Stern is widespread throughout central/eastern Europe. Alternatively, it was a Jewish ornamental name, adopted simply because it sounded nice. Stern genealogy in America began in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1630.

Stern Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Stern-- --, 1897November ,1968MA
Babette Stern-- --, 1894August ,1969IL
Caecilie Stern-- --, 1910August ,1981NJ
Daisy Stern-- --, 1876February ,1974FL

Stern Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E George Stern-- --, 1912March 19,2001Blacksburg,VA
Fae Stern-- --, 1910August ,1994Browns Mills,NJ
Gabe Stern-- --, 1909April ,1983Skokie,IL
H Anthony Stern-- --, 1919November 1,2000Santa Monica,CA

Stern Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Roger SternBonnie ScarboroApril 10,1960Wake, NC
Howard SternSeiko SanoApril 22,1986Wake, NC
Trampas SternSuzanne SchultzDecember 11,1999Wake, NC
William SternTeresa HarrisJune 4,1977Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Stern

810th: Rosen811th: Richter
812th: Witt813th: Donnelly
814th: Mercer815th: Hooper
816th: Waller817th: Richmond
818th: Nixon819th: Mendez

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