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Steward Genealogy & History

Steward has its roots in the pre-seventh-century Old English word stigweard. Stigweard is a compound word from stig and weard, meaning domicile and custodian combined to give us someone who oversees the household activities. It was common to have a steward running the royal household; a steward was the equal of the French seneschal, again an estate manager. Steward family history has Roger Stiwerd in 1130 as the first known recording of the name in the Pipe Rolls of Derbyshire, England. Steward genealogy includes anthropologist Julian Haynes Steward; author, educator, and clergyman Theophilus Gould Steward; and boxing trainer and commentator Emanuel Steward.

Steward Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A T Steward-- --, 1923August 10,2002TN
B Patricia Steward-- --, 1931January 29,2002AZ
Cadar Steward-- --, 1926October 13,2008TX
D Louise Steward-- --, 1923July 14,2008PA

Steward Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Elizabeth Steward-- --, 1950April 22,1990Newark,NJ
F Wayne Steward-- --, 1921April 8,1997Storm Lake,IA
Gabriel Steward-- --, 1900March ,1985Republic,OH
H Powell Steward-- --, 1929October 15,1989Jamaica,NY

Steward Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David StewardLesley AshfieldDecember 27,1992Wake, NC
Edgar StewardCassandra BellMay 9,1987Wake, NC
George StewardCarrie JonesDecember 30,1940Wake, NC
Junius StewardBettie ChislomNovember 14,1959Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Steward

1666th: Bain1667th: Mott
1668th: Jansen1669th: Iverson
1670th: Oakley1671st: Tolbert
1672nd: Parr1673rd: Mejia
1674th: Henning1675th: Crain

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