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Stinson Genealogy & History

Stinson is a patronymic name meaning son of Stephen, which name originated from the Greek stephanos (crown or wreath). Stinson family history notes that the first recorded spelling was that of Edward Stynson in 1539 in the Northumberland County Records. Spelling variations of this family name include Stinson, Stimpson, Stevenson, Stephenson, Stephinson, Stevenston, Steenson, Stenson, Steinson, and many more. Andrew Stevenson settled at Charlestown, Massachusetts, in 1630. Notable names in the Stinson genealogy include Guns N' Roses member Tommy Stinson as well as J. T. Stinson, 20th century fruit specialist and the first director of the Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station.

Stinson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abel Stinson-- --, 1924December ,1967NY
B Z Stinson-- --, 1926April 22,2006WV
C Vonice Stinson-- --, 1942January 14,2003AR
Daisy Stinson-- --, 1915January 9,1988SC

Stinson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Frank Stinson-- --, 1914August 17,1989Winfield,TX
Fae Stinson-- --, 1900September ,1980Chandler,AZ
Gaile Stinson-- --, 1921December 7,1987Union,WA
Hallie Stinson-- --, 1904December ,1974Charlotte,NC

Stinson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Douglas StinsonFaye WellsNovember 22,2003Wake, NC
Edward StinsonVirginia DavisSeptember 20,1959Wake, NC
John StinsonNettie TurnageFebruary 26,1955Wake, NC
Reginald StinsonValencia DantzlerAugust 20,1988Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Stinson

1240th: Bowden1241st: Silverman
1242nd: Mobley1243rd: Tyson
1244th: Dunbar1245th: Maurer
1246th: Slaughter1247th: Jorgensen
1248th: Jamison1249th: Molina

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