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Stockton Genealogy & History

Stockton is a locational English name from the word stocs, meaning built of logs, and tun, meaning place, so a place of logs. Their coat of arms is three tree trunks on a shield of green. Stockton family history tells us that Geoffrey de Stockton is the first known recording of the name in the Hundred Rolls of Worcester, England, in 1273. Two members of the Stockton genealogy are Declaration of Independence signer Richard Stockton and educator and missionary Betsey Stockton.

Stockton Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Stockton-- --, 1917February 12,2009CA
Banie Stockton-- --, 1929September 16,2007TX
C Stuart Stockton-- --, 1915November ,1980CT
Dail Stockton-- --, 1912November 15,1995OK

Stockton Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Stockton-- --, 1906August ,1970Bakersville,NC
Fannie Stockton-- --, 1917January 13,1999Rocky Mount,VA
Gabriel Stockton-- --, 1904June ,1968Big Spring,TX
Hade Stockton-- --, 1920March 4,2003Bremerton,WA

Stockton Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron StocktonRoxsand MataSeptember 9,2000Harris, TX
Bryan StocktonCarrie SchroederMarch 16,2002Tarrant, TX
Cameron StocktonKaren FloerkeOctober 24,2000Cooke, TX
Darren StocktonKaren AlmarazJune 1,2002Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Stockton

2214th: Parish2215th: Creech
2216th: Dove2217th: Gaffney
2218th: Devlin2219th: McClendon
2220th: Kolb2221st: Jameson
2222nd: Clancy2223rd: McCartney

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