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Stoll Genealogy & History

Stoll is an English surname from the Old German stolle, with several meanings and thus several different uses. It referred to a post or boundary stone and was thus used as a topographical surname for someone living or working near a border. It also described a mine shaft or quarry. Stoll family history begins in 1191, when Heinrich Stolle was noted in the Charters of Frommern. Stoll genealogy includes Uruguayan film and advertising director Pablo Stoll and University of Minnesota football coach Cal Stoll.

Stoll Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ruth Stoll-- --, 1909October ,1995IA
Barbara Stoll-- --, 1937January 12,1998MI
C Lorn Stoll-- --, 1923September 16,1994OH
Daisy Stoll-- --, 1907November 2,1997OH

Stoll Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Stoll-- --, 1917June 5,1989Mc Kenzie,TN
Fae Stoll-- --, 1906June 18,2005Estero,FL
G Jack Stoll-- --, 1922July ,1987Wooster,OH
H Jeffrey Stoll-- --, 1909March 30,1990Delray Beach,FL

Stoll Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Scott StollAlyna WilliamsAugust 29,1981Wake, NC
John StollGina StengleinDecember 31,1988Wake, NC
Kevin StollKora MercadoOctober 5,2003Wake, NC
Vernon StollLucy PhillipsApril 12,2002Cameron, TX

Most Common Surnames After Stoll

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2349th: Houghton2350th: Lenz
2351st: Beckwith2352nd: Steffen
2353rd: Herzog2354th: Harlow
2355th: Dent2356th: Benner

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