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Stone has the distinction of being one of the first recorded surnames in history. Derived from Old English "stan/stanas", meaning stone/stones, it described someone who lived near noteworthy stones, a natural out-cropping, or manmade monument. Alternatively, it was a locational surname for someone living in one of the many villages named Stone in southwest England. Stone family history began in Cornwall, England, where they held a feudal manor, and in Massachusetts and Virginia in America in the 1630s. Stone genealogy includes variations Silverstone, Stein, Steine, and Stoan. The Stone motto, "vive ut vivas", means "live that you may live forever".

Stone Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A C Stone-- --, 1925June 29,2007WY
B Browe Stone-- --, 1898June 1,1993NY
C Betty Stone-- --, 1926July 15,2010NY
D Cliffe Stone-- --, 1922January 19,2007TN

Stone Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dale Stone-- --, 1914June 13,2001Post,TX
F David Stone-- --, 1920June ,1983Durham,NC
G Edward Stone-- --, 1915January ,1986Exeter,NH
Harry Stone-- --, 1923January 10,2010Tucson,AZ

Stone Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy StoneJoan PurdeeJuly 31,1960Wake, NC
Ernie StoneGladys GrissomApril 14,1950Wake, NC
Forrest StoneVelma HortonNovember 22,1943Wake, NC
Pennie StoneAlice CookMay 8,1931Wake, NC

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120th: Webb121st: Bryant
122nd: Gordon123rd: Hansen
124th: Tucker125th: Ryan
126th: Shaw127th: Owens

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