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Strickland is an ancient English locational name, derived from Old English "styric", meaning cattle and "land", meaning pasture, referring to someone who lived near a pastureland, or from the village Strickland in Cumberland. Strickland family history dates back to the Norman Conquest in Cumbria and Westmoreland, where they had a feudal manor. It is said they may descend from the Earls of Northumberland. American Strickland genealogy began in Massachusetts in 1631, and variations include de Strikeland, Stickland, Stirland, Stirkland, and Stryckland. There are two family mottos: "a la volont´┐Ż de Dieu" means "at the will of God" and "sans mal" means "without evil".

Strickland Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Fred Strickland-- --, 1923April 12,1994LA
Bailey Strickland-- --, 1931July ,1981MO
C Edwin Strickland-- --, 1920April 22,1998LA
Dagna Strickland-- --, 1917August 25,1995CA

Strickland Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Easter Strickland-- --, 1925April 22,2010Canton,GA
F Bishop Strickland-- --, 1927December 15,1997North Augusta,SC
Gail Strickland-- --, 1908January 19,1990Pleasant Garden,NC
H Candler Strickland-- --, 1924February 1,2005Louisburg,NC

Strickland Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Archie StricklandNellie StilesNovember 21,1934Wake, NC
Burnice StricklandMorgan EddinsNovember 21,1936Wake, NC
Charlie StricklandDathie EllisOctober 21,1933Wake, NC
Dewey StricklandParl SullivanSeptember 18,1948Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Strickland

412th: Patton413th: Patel
414th: Chavez415th: Adkins
416th: Meyers417th: Cobb
418th: Norman419th: Larsen
420th: Morton421st: Lamb

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