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Stringer Genealogy & History

Stringer stems from the pre-seventh-century Old English word streng, indicating a string or cord. As such, it is an occupational name for a person who makes rope or bow strings�more specifically, strings for the hunting and war longbows. Some of the different spellings include Stringar, le Strenger, and Stringere. Stringer family history tells us that Walter Stringere is the first known recording of the name in the Curia Regis in Wiltshire, England, in 1194. Some members of Stringer genealogy are Street News editor and writer Lee Stringer; comic artist and scriptwriter Lew Stringer; and anthropologist Christopher Brain Stringer.

Stringer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Pauline Stringer-- --, 1925July 7,2003PA
Barbara Stringer-- --, 1940June 14,2001NC
C Wayne Stringer-- --, 1923February 1,2009DC
Dailey Stringer-- --, 1889July ,1976LA

Stringer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Hazel Stringer-- --, 1914January 27,2000Philadelphia,PA
Faira Stringer-- --, 1921March ,1984Los Angeles,CA
G Eleanor Stringer-- --, 1923January 11,2004Youngstown,OH
Hancil Stringer-- --, 1914November 1,2002Elk City,OK

Stringer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Garrett StringerHeather AppleMay 12,2007Wake, NC
Richard StringerJoyce SenterJuly 4,1987Wake, NC
Michael StringerCaroline NewsomeMay 5,2001Wake, NC
Sean StringerJennifer ManciniJuly 21,2001Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Stringer

1766th: Purdy1767th: Dow
1768th: Whittington1769th: Foote
1770th: Coon1771st: Ambrose
1772nd: Fay1773rd: Coughlin
1774th: Meehan1775th: Currie

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