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Strong is one of the first recorded surnames in England: Richard Stronge was recorded in the 1185 register of the Knights Templar in Warwickshire. Derived from Old English "strang", meaning strong, it was originally a nickname for someone with physical prowess; however, the medieval sense of irony could also bestow this nickname on someone weak! Strong family history includes a feudal manor in Somerset since the 11th century, with a family motto "tentanda via est", meaning "the way must be tried". American Strong genealogy begins in the 1630s in Massachusetts and Virginia. The family crest and coat of arms contain an eagle, denoting nobility and strength.

Strong Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Parel Strong-- --, 1922December 23,2009IN
B Jeanne Strong-- --, 1926January 30,2003IA
C Edi H Strong-- --, 1902December 30,1987NE
D Craig Strong-- --, 1925May 11,1993CO

Strong Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Grace Strong-- --, 1918April 8,2002Tallahassee,FL
Faith Strong-- --, 1921November 25,1999Colfax,WA
Gabe Strong-- --, 1939December 22,2006Long Beach,CA
H Duane Strong-- --, 1925April 15,1997Cobleskill,NY

Strong Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daniel StrongToni CarawanApril 8,1978Wake, NC
Michael StrongPearl KrauseFebruary 24,1940Wake, NC
Lewis StrongJo WatsonJuly 18,1964Wake, NC
Herbert StrongDorothy NicksFebruary 14,1975Wake, NC

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