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Stuart is a noble Scottish and English surname. Derived from Old English "stigweard" and Middle English "stiward", meaning household guardian, it described the occupation of steward, who controlled all the domestic affairs in noble homes. King Robert II (1371-1392) was the first "steward" King of Scotland, founding the "House of Stuart", which reigned from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (1371-1603). Stuart genealogy includes the variations Steward, Stewart, Steuart, Stuard, and Sturt. Stuart family history dates back to the Norman Conquest, when they were granted lands in Shropshire, England, and to 1635 in Virginia. Their motto, "noblis est ira leonis", means the "lion's wrath is noble".

Stuart Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ashley Stuart-- --, 1923September 11,2000NE
Bailey Stuart-- --, 1908January ,1981DC
Cabell Stuart-- --, 1921January 18,1994PA
D Clark Stuart-- --, 1929August 15,1997MI

Stuart Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Charline Stuart-- --, 1920November 14,2007Memphis,TN
Fae Stuart-- --, 1901June ,1980Chicago,IL
G Alice Stuart-- --, 1901April ,1973New York,NY
Haakon Stuart-- --, 1900December ,1967Opa Locka,FL

Stuart Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert StuartDorothy BunnFebruary 19,1944Wake, NC
Charles StuartHeidi ToomeyApril 9,2005Wake, NC
Elmore StuartFannie LideApril 19,1963Wake, NC
Maceo StuartMalissie MckoyOctober 4,1937Wake, NC

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710th: Whitehead711th: Shea
712th: Munoz713th: Landry
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