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Stump Genealogy & History

Stump is an English and French surname with two primary origins. First, it might be locational, from the village of Etampes in Normandy, but it could also be occupational, for someone employed at a mint or otherwise made a living by stamping out coins. Stump family history begins in 1191, when John de Stampes of Etampes was noted in the Pipe Rolls of London. Stump genealogy includes Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump and thirteen-term Arizona Representative Bob Stump.

Stump Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abie Stump-- --, 1905May 14,1994IL
Bailey Stump-- --, 1905August ,1965IA
C Earlene Stump-- --, 1933February 9,2003OH
Daisie Stump-- --, 1885August ,1978KY

Stump Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Stump-- --, 1895August ,1966Mogadore,OH
F Charles Stump-- --, 1920October 6,1991Cheboygan,MI
Galen Stump-- --, 1911May 29,1993Mcpherson,KS
Hal Stump-- --, 1919September 14,1989Columbus,OH

Stump Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dale StumpMary WylieAugust 1,1976Wake, NC
John StumpNancy BanksJuly 27,1951Wake, NC
Ray StumpMelodee KutcherJune 12,1982Wake, NC
Sheldon StumpPaula KotulaApril 22,2005Wake, NC

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2162nd: Sams2163rd: Tharp
2164th: Felix2165th: Ely
2166th: Dowell2167th: Escobar

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