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Suarez Genealogy & History

Suarez family history points to two entirely different origins for this surname. One suggests that it comes from the Latin word suerius, which would make this name occupational for a swine herder. A second points to Germanic origins, from two elements believed to have been sur (south) and hari (army). Spelling variations of this family name include Surez, Suarez, Surez, Suerez, Suero, and Sueiro. The first recorded spelling of the family name is that of Isabel de Figueroa Suarez, christened in Spain on December 14, 1532. Gonzalo Surez Rondin came to America in 1535. Notable names in the Suarez genealogy include Cuban-American poet and novelist Virgil Su�rez.

Suarez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Suarez-- --, 1918September ,1965FL
Balbina Suarez-- --, 1920June ,1979NY
Caesar Suarez-- --, 1927September 24,2007AZ
Daisy Suarez-- --, 1931December 22,2006NY

Suarez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edda Suarez-- --, 1929April 27,2007Kissimmee,FL
Fabian Suarez-- --, 1887November 15,1968Weslaco,TX
Gabino Suarez-- --, 1898May ,1976Brooklyn,NY
Hadder Suarez-- --, 1979October 7,2008Astoria,NY

Suarez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ariel SuarezJanet GoreJanuary 28,1988Wake, NC
Bryan SuarezSandra FrancisMay 23,1993Wake, NC
Carlos SuarezJacqueline FrederickMarch 26,1988Wake, NC
German SuarezKristeen ParizekNovember 8,1990Wake, NC

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1436th: Knutson1437th: Thurman
1438th: Goodrich1439th: Bragg
1440th: Whitman1441st: Latham
1442nd: McWilliams1443rd: Gifford

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