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Swanson Genealogy & History

Swanson is an English and Scandinavian patronymic name meaning "Swan's son" or "Sven's son". Derived from Old English "swan" or "swon", meaning swan, it was a nickname for someone graceful or pure. Alternatively, it could be an occupational name derived from Middle English "swain", meaning herdsman. Swanson family history includes lordship of the Stockton manor in Durham in the 12th century, but by 1221 they had moved north to Scotland, primarily in the Midlothian area, using the surname variation Swainston. Scandinavian Swanson genealogy uses the spelling variations Svendsen, Svensen, and Svensson. The first Swanson in America emigrated to Philadelphia in 1627.

Swanson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Carroll Swanson-- --, 1916December ,1988IA
B Clinton Swanson-- --, 1929February 26,2005ND
C Arthur Swanson-- --, 1917January 10,1998NE
D Robert Swanson-- --, 1918April 13,1994MT

Swanson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Burnell Swanson-- --, 1930April 13,2009Sergeant Bluff,IA
F Annette Swanson-- --, 1930February 17,2000Westport,WA
G Dorothy Swanson-- --, 1917January ,1986Fremont,MI
H Leroy Swanson-- --, 1926April 17,2008Geneseo,IL

Swanson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Gary SwansonShirley BowkerMarch 31,1964Wake, NC
Haywood SwansonRachel BrittFebruary 10,1951Wake, NC
William SwansonVera ThatcherJuly 27,1946Wake, NC
Clifford SwansonWendy SavageSeptember 2,2000Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Swanson

264th: Stanley265th: Benson
266th: Barker267th: Fleming
268th: Fields269th: Diaz
270th: Gregory271st: Norris
272nd: Rhodes273rd: Holt

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