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Sweet, an English name created from a nickname, is derived from Old English "swete" meaning sweet, describing someone gentle and kindly. Sweet genealogy includes several spelling variations: Ledoux (France), S'ss (Germany), Sweett, Sweit, Swet and Swot. This ancient name dates back to the Middle ages; there was a Sweet feudal manor in Somerset in southwest England. The coat of arms in Sweet family history contains a rose, and the crest an eagle with an oak branch, signifying hope, and protector of antiquity. And not many families can boast of a flowering plant genus in their honor: "Sweetia", named after English horticulturalist Robert Sweet.

Sweet Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Evelyn Sweet-- --, 1917April 26,2002ME
Bailey Sweet-- --, 1894July ,1985RI
Caldwell Sweet-- --, 1896November ,1977ME
Daisy Sweet-- --, 1879January ,1970WA

Sweet Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lucille Sweet-- --, 1907July ,1994Albany,OR
F Douglas Sweet-- --, 1919June 8,1992Canyon Country,CA
Granville Sweet-- --, 1918June 19,2010Pahrump,NV
H Irene Sweet-- --, 1913July 6,1989Long Beach,CA

Sweet Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan SweetSusan BogartJune 20,2001Collin, TX
Charles SweetSharon GregoryOctober 21,2000Hunt, TX
David SweetJacqueline HayesJanuary 21,2000Bell, TX
Eric SweetRene HillNovember 24,2001Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Sweet

944th: Kenney945th: Sutherland
946th: Heller947th: Gibbons
948th: Gay949th: Crowe
950th: Dickinson951st: Chamberlain
952nd: Elder953rd: McNamara

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