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Swift Genealogy & History

Swift is an English and Irish name. It was originally derived from the Old English word swift(e), which�surprisingly enough�denoted someone who was a fast runner. Thus, it likely originated as a nickname given to people, often couriers, who were swift of foot. There is also a possible Irish origin in the Gaelic given name O'Fuada, meaning descendent of Fuada, which was derived from fuadach, meaning plundering. Swift family history is first recorded with one William Swift, who lived in Hampshire in 1167. Swift genealogy includes Patrick Swift, who was an important cultural figure in 20th-century London and Dublin, and Taylor Swift, an award-winning singer-songwriter.

Swift Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dean Swift-- --, 1914September 2,1998PA
Bama Swift-- --, 1902February ,1983GA
C Brinton Swift-- --, 1900February ,1982CO
Dahlia Swift-- --, 1894August ,1984CA

Swift Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ann Swift-- --, 1922February 29,2008Jarrettsville,MD
F Francis Swift-- --, 1917October 9,2002Lawrence,MA
G William Swift-- --, 1917August 5,1989Lake Charles,LA
Howard Swift-- --, 1930May 23,1995Mckinney,TX

Swift Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brandon SwiftJulie ErbeznikSeptember 6,2003Wake, NC
Christopher SwiftZhengmei BaiAugust 11,1995Wake, NC
Dale SwiftWanda WatkinsJuly 8,1967Wake, NC
Edward SwiftKaren AndrewsApril 5,2007Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Swift

1187th: Diamond1188th: Dooley
1189th: Hammer1190th: Tipton
1191st: Burris1192nd: Ames
1193rd: Groves1194th: Stahl
1195th: Lam1196th: Rosenthal

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