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Talbot, an English-French surname, has fascinating Dark Ages roots. It could have been derived from the French male given name Talebod, meaning messenger of destruction. Alternatively, it could be a nickname derived from Old French talebot, meaning lampblack, signifying a bandit (with blackened face). Talbot family history traces to feudal times in Shropshire in England and 1620 in America. The family motto, prest d'accomplir, means ready to accomplish. Both the family crest and coat of arms contain red lions, signifying warriors with fierce courage. An interesting name-holder is Napoleonic sailor Mary Anne Talbot, who wore male attire. In Talbot genealogy, the more common French form is Talbert.

Talbot Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Edward Talbot-- --, 1915June ,1987NH
Barbara Talbot-- --, 1931December 16,1997CT
C Ronald Talbot-- --, 1913April 26,1996UT
D Jean Talbot-- --, 1929January 9,2001CA

Talbot Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Oran Talbot-- --, 1912January 18,1991Shawnee,OK
Fabiola Talbot-- --, 1906March ,1981Springfield,MA
G Edward Talbot-- --, 1912April 5,1996Hamilton,NY
Hammond Talbot-- --, 1900January ,1966Del Mar,CA

Talbot Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony TalbotTracy McquadeMarch 15,2002Guadalupe, TX
Carl TalbotLomisa GeigerSeptember 23,2000Bexar, TX
Daniel TalbotTeresa LamazeJune 23,1990Wake, NC
Emmet TalbotFloy FinkeAugust 7,1959Wake, NC

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